Diet and food as fuel…

I love food. I like eating food, cooking food, preparing food and talking about food. I am developing a thoughtful relationship to food so that my love of food is benefit to me rather than a problem.

My desire to have a thoughtful relationship started when I realized my diet was effecting my health and my life negatively. I started to pay attention to how I felt when I ate certain foods, how my energy levels were effected. Noticing how I reacted to food fundamentally changed my relationship to food for the better. Instead of being primarily concerned with satisfying my taste buds I became interested in satisfying the needs of my body and fulfilling the needs of my schedule.

A lunch that left me lethargic became unacceptable. A dinner meal that stayed beyond its welcome became permanently unwelcome. Food that did not provide me with the energy I needed became too expensive at any cost. Foods like pizza, with cheese and with a good variety of toppings, once seemed impossible to live without. That changed so quickly.

The primary catalyst for this change in my thinking was a disease. I have vitiligo and I don’t want to have vitiligo. While no one really knows how to get rid of vitiligo, being as healthy as possible seems like a wise and prudent path. It also occurs to me that being as healthy as possible will allow me to be the best version of me today. I like that idea.

So I consider food to be fuel, food to be a gift from God that I explore and food to be a path to health.

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