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41 link building resources since our last issue.

>> 5 Highlights from This Issue: 1)  How James Agate Manages a Team of 40 Link Prospectors: Video Interview This is our first ever Skype interview… I hope my lack of video knowhow will only slightly distract you from the amazing insight James Agate offers into how he manages a team of 40+ contractors for […]

10 Business Blog Posts You Should Write NOW

10 Business Blog Posts You Should Write NOW 1. The Problem Solver – Name the biggest problem your customers have. With that problem in mind, write a detailed blog post that provides practical and non-product focused solutions. Solve your customers’ problems with content. 2. The Data Story – As a business, you are working on […]

What are the factors that influence Quality Score?

Relevance holds it together, it has to be tight. Historical click-through-rate make it soar and landing page quality is the needle that can burst it in an instant. That’s the quick answer to the following question: What are the factors that influence Quality Score? Last time you learned why Quality Score is important and how it […]

14 Adwords Ads Templates

This is article was first published as a guest post on , July 14, 2011. I created the diagram above about a year ago. I use it every time I have writer’s block and completely out of ad writing ideas or when I need to brainstorm new ad texts quickly. It comes in very […]

Influence – From Robert Cialdini

1. Reciprocity 2. Commitment and Consistency 3. Social Proof 4. Liking 5. Authority 6. Scarcity

Elements of a sales pitch – John Carlton

Start here when writing a sales letter: Here is what I’ve got Here is what it does Here is why I’m the best guy to work with Here is the full story of the thing Here are the details Here is how to get it From this interview:

Operation money suck

What are the things that you do to suck in the money? Are you doing those things exclusively? Are you working on IT? Are you unclogging the toilet? Focus on the money sucking. A thought from this interview:

Lives of quiet desperation and hooks for copywriting

Looking for a hook? Consider the types of quiet desperation that your clients deal with. Selling food? Most people eat mediocre food and want to have something wonderful and fulfilling. Selling service? Most people are accustomed to poor uninterested service. Offer exceptional, world class service. A thought pulled from this interview:

Taking the Oath

Michael Fortin, copywriter and marketer writes an excellent post about the different stages your prospect can approach your advertising from. You can find the article here:

Repost: Which B-Schools Practice What They Preach?

Great article from Steve Sue at Sticky Pitch.