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Building urgency – copywriting

Urgent Matters: Time wins over Sell-Outs in Copywriting Advertisers know how to harness urgency, the feeling that you’ll be missing out on the awesomeness that everyone else gets to enjoy. The golden news is, there’s a specific kind of urgency that makes people jump into action. You’ll want to update your ad copy before it’s […]

Powerful copy language – from tatyana

21 most effective words: And   Here is the email I promised to send you. First listen to the attached 10 minute mp 3 recording. This will help you understand the summary I put together below. Effective vs useless words: Use “and” instead of “but” word “but”  negates everything you said before “try” – do […]

Rhetoric isn’t a bad thing The word “rhetoric” gets a bad rap as a form of oratory manipulation; I view it as a communication device. When used well, it can be very moving. Prevalent in politics but not in business, let’s take a look at some the rhetorical devices Mr. Jobs used in his 2007 iPhone launch presentation. Simply […]

Write like Ernest Hemingway

from copyblogger:

On Writing Better

Want to learn how to write better? From Drayton Bird’s newsletter: Read any popular novel, newspaper or magazine. They are written for people who are not clever, or not concentrating. Words, sentences and paragraphs are very short. And here are some other suggestions. 1. A heading must make the reader want to find out more, […]

Lives of quiet desperation and hooks for copywriting

Looking for a hook? Consider the types of quiet desperation that your clients deal with. Selling food? Most people eat mediocre food and want to have something wonderful and fulfilling. Selling service? Most people are accustomed to poor uninterested service. Offer exceptional, world class service. A thought pulled from this interview:

Taking the Oath

Michael Fortin, copywriter and marketer writes an excellent post about the different stages your prospect can approach your advertising from. You can find the article here: