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How To Not Fail

41 link building resources since our last issue.

>> 5 Highlights from This Issue: 1)  How James Agate Manages a Team of 40 Link Prospectors: Video Interview This is our first ever Skype interview… I hope my lack of video knowhow will only slightly distract you from the amazing insight James Agate offers into how he manages a team of 40+ contractors for […]

Building urgency – copywriting

Urgent Matters: Time wins over Sell-Outs in Copywriting Advertisers know how to harness urgency, the feeling that you’ll be missing out on the awesomeness that everyone else gets to enjoy. The golden news is, there’s a specific kind of urgency that makes people jump into action. You’ll want to update your ad copy before it’s […]

Weinschenk Institute – Predict and Direct Behavior

Repost: Comprehensive Google Analytics Advanced Segments Template Collection Comprehensive Google Analytics Advanced Segments Template Collection Posted by Andy Forsberg in Analytics Tagged with branding, google analytics, mobile, responsive design, user experience Google Analytics Advanced Segments Advanced segments in Google Analytics are one of the most powerful tools for gaining immense insight into your visitors. Not utilizing them is a HUGE mistake for […]

Banner advertising

PSD AI We know starting a project can be a real pain no matter how easy the task may be. We’ve put together the IAB standard size ad templates for you in one little packaged up file. They come in two flavors, Photoshop and Illustrator. We’ve also put together some nice resources and other downloads […]

Link building for 2013

It seems that every post that I have read about link building in the last few months starts with the words ‘since penguin’ or ‘in a post penguin world’ or ‘since the black and white furry apocalypse’ . This is all fine – and a couple of them actually contain some decent advice. But what […]

New Site Launch Steps   Get the most out of your reports We’ve brought together the information we think you’ll find most useful. Take a moment to configure your account and use this checklist as a reference to getting the most out of Google Analytics. Our help center has answers to frequently asked questions and help on how […]

Powerful copy language – from tatyana

21 most effective words: And   Here is the email I promised to send you. First listen to the attached 10 minute mp 3 recording. This will help you understand the summary I put together below. Effective vs useless words: Use “and” instead of “but” word “but”  negates everything you said before “try” – do […]