41 link building resources since our last issue.

>> 5 Highlights from This Issue:
1)  How James Agate Manages a Team of 40 Link Prospectors: Video Interview
This is our first ever Skype interview… I hope my lack of video knowhow will only slightly distract you from the amazing insight James Agate offers into how he manages a team of 40+ contractors for link prospecting and places 1000 guest posts a month. And yes of COURSE he uses the Link Prospector! Next issue we’ll have an interview on broken link building with Adam Henige. Watch the video here.
2) The Micro Business Guide to the Link Prospector
Jesse Walker provides insight to one-person businesses on using the Link Prospector on a VERY limited budget ($10 a month). My hope is this provides a nice counterpoint to the above interview 🙂 Read it here.
3) Link Prospecting Pivot Tables with Automation Macro
John-Henry Scherck of Seer Interactive delivers a mind-bending approach to more quickly qualifying prospects from the Link Prospector. If we incorporate this method into the tool we’re making a “Scherck” button. For the mean time you’ll have to use excel. Read it here.
4) 59 lists you really must have to build links
Ken McGaffin and I are doing another link building webinar with Word Tracker… And this article gives you a hint of the thoroughness and creativity we deliver. Read it here.
5) Tool Update: Since October, the Broken Link Finder has discovered over 14,000 404 pages with 100+ unique linking domains… YOWZA! Here’s the full story.
And now… 35 more resources 🙂
Happy Link Building!
>> 7 Link Building Strategies + Applicable Advice
Bullet Proof Link Building Strategies For 2013 (Part 1)
Bullet Proof Link Building Strategies For 2013 (Part 2)
The Holy Grail of Free Guest Posting
25 Killer Combos for Google’s Site: Operator
Building Links Through HARO – Real Examples
A methodology for building links with video
The Easiest Way to Bait Links – Get Guest Authors
>> 8 Content Marketing
How to make sure your content gets links
How to Make Your Website More Interesting and Linkworthy
Link Bait & AIDA: Designing Your Link Bait for Success
10 ways to create a great content campaign
Top Search Marketing Columns & Contributed Features Of 2012
The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources
Beyond Link Building – Using Links and Content to Hit Business Goals
10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations

>> 7 Theory, Speculation and Thinkery
Facebook Rank – A Review of Graph Search Ranking Factors
Google Moves Towards Continual Crawl Based Link Devaluation
The Incredibly Useful Value of Links Beyond SEO
The Link Shrink Is In: 3 More Crazy Assumptions About Linking
Why Enterprises Cannot Ignore Deep Link Building
Six reasons why link building is a marketing priority
Infographic: When Link Building Turns Into A Linkpocalypse

>> 9 Tools + Books + Events
Link Prospecting Pivot Tables with Automation Macro
Googler Confirms Best Practice of Disavowal Tool
Backlink Checkers Compared – Ahrefs/Majestic SEO/SEOMoz/Raven Tools/SEO Spyglass
Paddy Moogan’s New Link Building Book
New feature: SEO Link Referrals report
DIY SEO Audit eBook 2.0 Launch
Learn How to Build Great Links From @PaulMay And @stuntdubl At a Free @MarketMotive Webinar
You guessed it, it’s LinkLove time
aHrefs versus MajesticSEO: The Real Test

>> 6 Outreach, Influence, Social
The road to influence. Be Liked. Be Trusted
How to Write an Effective Outreach Email [Instructographic]
Social Media Link Building
Helping Others As A Long Term Approach
Blogger Outreach – Let’s get it Right
How To Be More Persuasive – Psychology 101 for Link Builders

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