31 Adwords Writing Tips

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The higher up the search ladder you go, the more potential clicks you will receive since the searcher will see your ad first. This creates an upward spiral which if you can get on the right side of with relevant ad copy from the beginning, you’ll end up paying less per click, and getting more clicks on your ad for the same daily budget.

Click Thru Rate is one of the determining factors to quality score, and hence the success of your campaign. As you can tell by now, writing the best and most relevant ad copy to achieve such high clicks is key. The most important part of writing a good Google Adwords ad is the headline.

The most important part of your Google Adwords ad copy is the headline. A poor headline can make or break an adwords campaign and leave you way out of pocket. Five times as many people read the headline than they do the description lines and display URL, so unless your headline captures the browser, your adwords ad won’t get clicked on.

The simplest way to write headlines is to include the keyword in the headline every time.

When you know every adwords tips and how adwords works you may ask “How the hell I can write a successful ads that clicks and make a sale”. That is one of the most important factors in Adwords, having a good headline that clicks and the most difficult one (for me at least!). Testing and researching over the net I have found many good tips that most affiliate marketers will not reveal.

  • Use questions that arouse curiosity or interest. For instance, you can say Want to make $10,000 in one hour?
  • You can also offer instructions.. Cure the cold in five simple steps, or How to keep your PC virus clean, would be interesting.
  • Tell a story. There’s nothing better to spark interest than to appeal to your audience’s sympathy or empathy. Tell them a story like How I made $10,000 in one hour, or I lost 50 pounds in two weeks.
  • Divulge information. Claim something that only you know, such as The Mystery of Google AdWords. People will notice this, especially if they want to learn more about what you have to offer.
  • Claim unbelievable stuff! People will be intrigued with Make $10,000 in one hour or Keep thin without exercise. You can make it as absurd and unbelievable as possible, and people will surely notice!
  • Create (and maintain) trust. The web is all about trust these days. Recommended by the Queen, would be good.
  • Compare People love to go for what’s better. You can say cheaper than Wal Mart or better than Coke. If you are promoting a product that their competition is a big well known company compare it in your ad. For example you are selling a book from a bookstore that is not well-known in the market compare it saying something like this: Amazon vs X name, and say in a few words the one key comparison why x-name is better than amazon
  • The Three Dots: Mindvalley Labs found this and was the first to publish it. They made a comparison about adding three dots in the final phrase of each ad, and it worked very well. Why it worked so well this method? it naturally tells people that there is more information waiting behind the add.
    adwords tips
  • Tiny changes: Small changes can make a huge impact in CTR. Even a word can make your ads to boost in CTR. Again, Mindvalley Labs found this they had the word “Changes” into their ads and they changed to the word “Change” and that tiny change alone resulted in a 180% increase in the Click-Through-Rate.adwords tips

    Mindvalley folks explained why “Change” and “Changes” can cause such a big conversion difference:

    The word “changes” insinuates AUTOMATIC change. The word “change” implies the act of doing something yourself. For example, if you were advertising a tool for cleaning for your dog:

    “Dog-Clean-O-Matic Washes Your Dog Spotless”

    Makes the reader see the machine as an automatic tool. Toss your dog into it and voila – the animal’s now spotless. You don’t have to do any dirty work.
    On the other hand:

    “Dog-Clean-O-Matic: Wash Your Dog Spotless”

    Makes it seem like the machine requires YOU to do manual labor. Perhaps it nothing more than a fancy new kind of fur brush.
    This distinction is important depending on the product you’re selling. In the ad above, we’re selling a relaxation CD: perhaps this is why the word “Change” relates better to the audience. They want to be in control when they go through this relaxation process. The word “changes” perhaps implies something where the participant losed control – as in hypnosis. It could be intimidating.
    For other ads – in the case of software for example – I have seen the word “changes” work better. This could be because, for software, we want stuff that does the work for us automatically.So try testing both phrases on your ad.

  • The Power of The “Secret” Keyword: One of the power headlines keywords is the word : Secrets and this resulted a huge boost in CTR +200%!
    adwords tips
  • “You Need To” a powefull keyword: Another powerfull keyword is “You Need To” it usually makes people clicks less (people don’t like to be ordered) but the convertion is higher because you are visitors what to do. If they want to do it they will click on your ad.adwords tips
  • Keywords in Different orders: If you have an ad group X and a keyword Y will not always work if you use the headline for the keyword Y. Using other extra keywords in the title will work much better. This testing will show you that the keyword Y is “Meditation Music” and mindsvalley used in the title as well but adding extra keywords in the title “Music for meditation” worked much better and if you analyse it is the same keyword but in diffirent order.
    adwords tips
  • Capitalization: This is one of the most important tip and the easiest one. Capitalize every keyword in your ad but do not capitalize the words: “in”, “and”, “on”, and those 2 words like “up”, etc… This small but powerfull tip can boost your CTR for 80%.
  • Repetitive keywords: Repeating words in your ads can decrease your CTR and Conversion. In this example (taken from Mindsvalley “again”) shows that they repeated two keywords in the same ad, one in the title and one in the description “Start to”. Then they changed the title from “Start to” to “Learn to”. This tiny change boosted their CTR to +36%. Learn from this that with Google adwords there is no limit to optimize your ad even tiny changes.
    adwords tips
  • Think as a Google searcher: Think as one of the visitors that want to search for the keyword that you are advertising. If you are advertising the keyword “Fat loss”, what you are willing to find? I assume that something “How to loss fat”, so the user wants to learn how they can loss fat. Add in your ads “Learn How…” depends in what kind of services, product or site you are promoting. Keep splitting ads and testing to see which ad will work for you.
  • The Keyword: Free: The free keyword is one of the most powefull keywords that you can add in your ads if it works with what you are advertising. If you are advertising a product, service or site that give you something free is a MUST to add it on the ad, your CTR will boost up for sure. This is an example from MindValleyLabs:adwords tips
  • Stay away from “Buy” in headlines: Many adwords advertisers believes in this, putting away the word “Buy” in the headlines. It seems that users automatically put an X in your ad when they see the keyword “buy”. In this case is good to add instead of buy, just the company name, product name or service name. For example, if you want to promote a fat loss product which is called XYZ, it will be good to just add XYZ as your headline and in the description line add the scary word “buy”.
  • Feel the power of “Download” keyword: Anyone tested the Download keyword in your description or headline? This is a powerfull keyword to add in your ads. Why? The keyword download might give people the idea that they can get something very fast
  • Time, Time & Time: You know that most search engine users are lazy and they want to find what they want as soon as possible. So let’s play with keywords that means times: “Today”, “Now”,…
  • The Power of “Exposed” Keyword: Adding this little keyword in my headline increased my CTR by 150%. The keyword “Exposed” is a very showy word. I tried this keyword when I am promoting a product review so I add something like this: Product name review Exposed or Product Name Exposed. You can use it in many different ways…
  • Include Targeted Keywords In Your Ad: When you create an ad group, the best practice is to use one or two keywords which are similar so you can add those keywords in your headline and description. Adding the targeted keywords in your ad is one of the most important things you need to do. I always add something like this: “Targetted Keyword” + Powerfull keyword (which some are mentioned above, as free, exposed…).
  • Sell The Benefits: This is another “old” or “classic tip” that most of the e-books recommends, adding benefits and telling the user why your ad is better than your competitors. Here are 3 examples so you can understand better about the benefits which is important:Example #1:

    adwords tips

    This is a good example of Weight loss, the benefits are “Lose 15 lbs in 3 weeks” and as mentioned before the advertiser also add time “Quick”. Also remember the #5 tip? “Claim unbelievable stuff!” You can make better adding “40 lbs in 3 weeks”.

    Example #2:

    adwords tips

    Here the benefit is: “Absorb 28% of fat…” That is in the same niche as the first example but different benefit. So if you are searching for weight loss which benefit is the best?

    Example #3:

    adwords tips

    From a different niche, check that the benefit is in the second description, and the first description give the features of the product: “Free 3 months hosting, No setup fee” that I can call it a good benefit for those that are searching for a webhosting solution. Check also that they used the powerfull keyword “Free”.

  • Remove Common Words: Remove common words, such as “a, an, in, on, it, of”, etc. Remove every word that does not absolutely need to be in the ad. Make every word count.
  • Try to stay away from freebies hunters: I mentioned above that is good to have the keyword “Free” but when your product does not offer anything for free. Try to put away the users that wants free stuffs adding the price of the product. You will receive a lower CTR but we are here to make a sale and not just traffic.
  • Call-to-Action Phrases: This is important also depends on which niche you are, that’s why testing is the best thing you can do. Some of the call-to-action phrases: Buy Today (again adding time) – Save 50% – Download Free Trial Now (adding 3 powerfull keywords: download, free and now) – Sale Ends Tomorrow (adding time) – Subscribe – Read – Download Now – Sale Ends Tomorrow . You can see that every step can be mixed with all the tips mentioned above.
  • The Power of “How to” keyword: The keyword: “How to” is another powerfull keyword, in my researchers have shown that using this little keyword can increase your CTR.
  • Including your company name in the headline (bad advice): The idea behind this is that you are repeating your company name in the headline as well as the URL. These ads have nearly zero clickthrough unless you are a well-known brand name (such as Target, Orbitz, Expedia, and so on).
  • Price in case is competitive: If the product that you are advertising is highly competitive in words of price. Add the price in the description of your ad. Sometimes, it works adding the price in the headline after the main keyword that you are bidding.
  • Research your niche advertisers: Another general tip or kind of research to know which ads works. Go to google and put the keyword that you want to advertise. Check who are at the top and see how they wrote their ads save it and after 2 hours or 1 day, check again and see who are at the top again, if there is any new advertiser save it do this for 1-2-3-4 weeks as many as you want (if it is longer, will be better) and if you see that there are ads at the top from day 1 you will conclude that those ads are the most usefull ads and the advertiser is really getting results from them. Take a look at the ad and see what are the “key” points that make this ad a good quality ad, make your ads based on the “key” points of your research (in your market). Clear your cookies and temporarly files every time you want to refresh and do the research.
  • Friendly Competition: If you have a friend, family member, employee.. that is interested in the product you are promoting or a friend that really knows about the product and he search about it. Ask them to write an ad for you and test them. You can possible see that ad looks terrible but test it and you can see the results.
  • Endorsements and Testimonials: These are a powerful form of persuasion. If your product has been written up in a name-brand magazine such as InfoWorld try including that information in your ad: Ranked #1 in Security by InfoWorldâ. This is a very powerful technique for increasing ad clickthrough rates.

Super-Phrases to use for adwords ad-copy headlines!

Astonishing, Instant, Discover, Breakthrough, Critical, No-holds-barred, Unique, Urgent, Unbeatable, Innovative, Incredible, Enhanced, Electrifying, Guaranteed, High-Voltage, Phenomenal, Revealed, Revolutionary, Secrets, Time-Sensitive, Trailblazing, Ingenious, Pioneering, Proven Techniques, Step-By-Step, Unforgettable, In-Depth, Invaluable, Irresistible, Powerful, Shocking, Spectacular, Unlimited, How-to, YOU, Super, Tactics, First, Booming, Amazingly, Appetizing, free, cheap, sale, special offer, time limited offer, tricks, tips, enhance, fact, learn, at last, free shipping,

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